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Thanks to all you small business aficionados for sharing your top business advice and best practices for turning small opportunities into big wins! Entries have closed and we're in the process of selecting our five DYMO Productivity Pack winners, but your tips are always welcome, so keep checking back.

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Rita Tisinger

"Release your emotions. While you may not be able to tell your boss or coworker or subordinate exactly how you feel about things, you should at least chat it up with some friends to let off the steam, see how things operate in their workplace, and maybe come up with solutions in how to deal with certain issues from their experiences."

Jean-Paul Yovanoff

"Get to know your client. Simple, but not everyone follows this advise. I know guys who go into situations blind, and that's cool if you want to fail. Get to know the client and 50% of the work is already done. It proves to them that you actually do show some kind of interest in them."

Wendy Stewart

"It’s good to take 10 minutes every 2 hours to listen to your messages and return the calls that won't take very long.  Reserve 1 hour every afternoon to handle your long phone calls."

Jonathan Goodell

"The key to being successful is to find something unique.  My unique small business is national and is sports related which gives me access to millions of customers.  I gave my idea a test drive 2 years ago and I was having problems with how much time the shipping process took.  Now with technology I have cut 95% off that time.  Before I was using my printer to print out labels which took about a minute to set up each label, Dymo takes about 5 seconds to set up and print.  I purchased the labelwriter twin turbo w/ scale, label software and Dymo stamps software this week and I am in love with it."

Leonard Slates

“I formerly used business reply envelopes, now I just print a label addressed to me, and put a stamp on the envelope. It’s cheaper, and it’s delivered 1 day faster than business reply envelopes.”

Leon Mez

"Always come to work on time!"

Amanda Jasek

"I recently became an independent consultant, I have found that setting some quiet time aside just for my business beyond the usual to work on advertising, my self- image, and maybe even housework have just made me feel better about thinking that I really can do this!"

Shawn Faulkner

“A home is like a small business, and what we would like to do is use the DYMO LabelWriter printer to print out helpful and encouraging quotes from scripture (Bible)and place them all around our house from cabinet doors to walls, all over so we can read them and be encouraged and be better people. Some may be in frames or with fancy borders but used to decorate and to enhance but for us primarily to instruct and to remind us to do what is pleasing to GOD. this would be great!”

Thao Powell

"The area under my desk can get really cluttered with all the electrical cords for all the equipment I have. To keep them straight I attach labels to the cords to identify them. It keeps me from having to yank on them and have my stuff come tumbling down on my head."

Rebecca Johnson

“I have been using the Dymo label maker for about a year know, and it works really well for the company that I am working for. Its a quick easy way to get a job done and fast.”

Mihaela Pallipatte

"Smile; always be open to meet new people; be sincerely interested in others and find their needs; share a little about you to peek other’s interest; be honest; exchange contact information for the future; follow up within a few days ; don't take negative to personal - some people might not be interested; do something you love and have fun with!"

Stacy Palmer

“Always research your ideas before making an investment in them, it will save you a lot of money and heartache. It is valuable to get more than one source of information, and best advice is that you need to stick it out if you believe in your business, it will take 100% of your effort, but it will be worth it.”

Brian Eason

"When purchasing toner / ink for printers, buy two and keep one in reserve."

Naomi Shapiro

“Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Old concept but so true!”

Dan Marr

“Automation. If every time you checked your e-mails, all the messages had been sorted into folders before you logged on, you save time that you would have previously spent. If your Twitter account posts a message every time you update your website, you save time because you don’t need to do it yourself.”

Eric Romero

“Put a fish bowl with a sign in front of your place of business for a drawing for a free item. Use the cards to reach out to people and create a database of clients.”

Teresa Jackson

“I work as a photographer on the weekends, and just by giving out a few business cards and putting a label with my business name on the outside of their CD with their pictures on it I have not had to pay for advertising. They simply tell their friends and family, and/or give them one of the extra cards I gave them!”

Andrea Ledbetter

“Using labels on supply room shelves help to make managing supplies a breeze.  You can tell at a glance what needs to be ordered and plainly labels where supplies should be returned to when you are done.” 

Hal Haber

"Following up with your clients is easy with my Dymo Twin Turbo label machine. I use it every day to keep in contact with my clients and write thank you notes after I visit with them, thanking them for their time."

David Kissel

"We all have drawers at home and in our offices that can get pretty unruly very quickly...particularly with all the cords and headphones we all seem to have these days. My tip is to dedicate one drawer to the cords and headphones, then use plastic closable food bags (from sandwich size to freezer) to put one cord in. I've got a baggie for my camera usb cord, my mp3 cords, my headphones, portable printer, extension cords, and others. Since most of the cords are white these days, I label each baggie with its contents using my Dymo Letratag! No more hunting for the right cord when I need it!"

Russell Odegard

"You already have what your customer needs, that's why they call you, find out what they want, and deliver it. Delivering over and above what a customer needs impresses them and adds to the wow factor.”



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